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Why Choose Arizona 1 Notary Public In Scottsdale, Az?

Known for its high quality of life and leading as one of the Valleys top tourist sites, Scottsdale, Arizona has much to offer. The US Conference of Mayors granted it with a “Most Livable City” award in 1993. Scottsdale continues to gain attention, nationally, with tourism accounting for 39% of the city workforce.

Arizona 1st Notary Values Your Time

The need for a document Notarization in Scottsdale can be a stressful and time consuming experience. Arizona 1st Notary is the most dependable Notary Public in Scottsdale Arizona. We provide mobile notary services and will meet you wherever and whenever it is most convenient for you.

Notarizing Document

Mobile Notary Open Now

We can provide a Notary in Gilbert for Notarizations appointments with short notice, last minute, in an emergency! There really is no such thing as the wrong time to provide Notary Services!

Scottsdale Notary Services

The Arizona 1st Notary office is in the heart of Gilbert, Arizona and we provide Notarial services throughout the city of Scottsdale with our established and qualified notaries.

Certified Same Day Notary

Our notary public is legally permitted by The State of Arizona to administer oaths, verify document signings, and prevent fraud by ensuring the identity of the person who signs a document.

Business Documents

Business Documents

Arizona 1st Notary offers Mobile Notaries for businesses, and we can come to you or your company at a time and place that is convenient for you.
Contracts, Corporate documents, Employment documents, Financial documents, Articles of incorporation, Memorandum of understanding documents, Vendor contracts,

Additional Documents

Additional Documents

In addition to performing oaths and affirmations, witness signatures, and certifying copies of official documents such as birth certificates, mobile notary publics may undertake the following tasks:
Mobile Notary for Acknowledgments, Authorizations, Jail documents, Jurats, Oaths, Passport documents and more..


Mortgage Documents

Services as a signing agent for loans to direct lenders and title insurance firms in real estate.
We specialize in Notary Signing: refinance, reverse mortgages, loan modification, property purchase of sale, Borrower’s Affidavit, Borrower Credit Program Disclosure, home equity lines of credit

Motor Vehicle Documents


Notary Public services for all Motor Vehicle Documents
Arizona 1st Notary provides Services for: Automotive documents, Motor vehicle documents, Traffic school exam documents

Hosptial Documents

Hospital Documents

If you or a loved one are presently living in a HOSPITAL, NURSING HOME, or other institution and need an immediate Notarization of a document, please call me to schedule an appointment.
Medical documents we Notarize: Living wills, advance directives, and Medical Power of Attorney and more ...

Family Documents

Family Documents

We will be delighted to help you with notarizing family papers. Additionally, we can offer witnesses if necessary.
We provide Mobile Notary Services for Passports, Traveling Consent Forms, Adoption Paperwork, Divorce Documents, Wills and Trust, Domestic Partner ship Documents and More...

Notary near Scottsdale, Az

Arizona 1st Notary In Scottsdale, Arizona

At Arizona 1st Notary, we recognize that there are many Scottsdale Notary Public firms to choose from, and that there must be compelling reasons to partner with us. We believe in delivering consistently superior support to all of our clients. You can get the following incentives when you choose Arizona 1st Notary in Scottsdale, Arizona:

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Thank you Shayla for responding so quickly and professionally! Needed a notary on short notice and Arizona 1st Notary came through! Wonderful service!

Notary Services Available in Scottsdale, Az Now

While traveling or living in Scottsdale the need for a notary public to notarize a paper can be stressful and sometimes time-consuming. We consider ourselves to be Scottsdale, Arizona’s most trusted Notary Public Signing Agent. We are a traveling notary, so whenever it is convenient for you, we can come to your location. Call us to schedule an appointment with our Traveling Notary Services.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is the cost of your mobile notary public services?

Based on the Notarial Services you need and your location, our costs vary based on location. Fast Mobile Notary services are available at a reasonable price. All requests will be handled immediately. Contact us by filling out our online form or by calling 480-881-9408.

Why is it necessary to have Notarize Documents

To put it simply, the fundamental aim of a Notary Public is to deter fraud. The Notary, as an witness, guarantees that the signers of documents are who they claim they are and are not impostors. The Notary also ensures that signers entered into agreements willingly and knowingly.

Are you available on the weekends

Yes, we provide Mobile Notary Services on weekends and evenings (both Saturday and Sunday)…and on the majority of holidays. We are always available.

Why do i Need proof of Identity

One of the Notary’s primary responsibilities is to properly identify the client. This requirement is laid out in our procedure guidelines and regulations.

Do i need to make an appointment?

We accommodate all clients and understand that there is time sensitive documents that need Notarization. Arizona 1st Notary is available.

Do you accept walk in Notary Appointments?

We do accept walk-ins at our location, however, it is beneficial to call before to ensure a Notary is available.

When it comes to ensuring good health, we are strongly monitoring the recommendations of our local and national authorities, and we are holding a focus on Coronavirus for more news alerts. We ask that you follow our protocols throughout your appointment so that we can continue to support the Scottsdale community with Notarizations.