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Travel Consent Forms

In the absence of both (or either) legal guardians, a Child Travel Consent Form is used to document a child's consent to travel. Both parents must sign a consent letter if a child travels borders unaccompanied or with an adult who is not their legal guardian. If they are traveling with one parent, the consent form must be signed by both parents. In either case, parents or guardians must establish their identity (such as a copy of their passport or photo ID).

Adoption Documents

The adoption process can be overwhelming at times. Most likely, anyone that is going through the adoption process will need to have one or more documents notarized. Some common documents that require notarization for an adoption are: Power of Attorney form, Employment Verification, Medical Letters, Reference Letters and Bank Statements.

Divorce Documents

Notarization is usually necessary for some divorce forms. Financial documents typically require a notary to verify that it is indeed your signature on the form. A notary public ensures the identity of all parties signatures and identity. Common documents Divorce Complaint, Petition, and Financial affidavits.

Domestic Partnership Affidavit

A domestic partnership is a non marital relationship between two people who share a home but are not married. Domestic partners are entitled to survivorship, hospital visitation, and other rights. Its vital to register a domestic partnership to ensure the partners have the same legal protections as married couples.

Notary for Travel consent form

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Notaries are essential for signing and validating your documents. We confirm the authenticy of the person or person's signing the document.

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