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Proper Steps to

Transfer a Title in Arizona

A title transfer is required in Arizona if you wish to sell a vehicle. The procedure itself is straightforward, but you must adhere to all applicable laws and regulations. If you don’t have a notary’s signature on your title transfer, you might end up with a worthless contract. 

In the event of selling your car or a marriage or divorce, you will need to transfer your automobile title in order to sell the vehicle or change your name on a license. It is a legal document that establishes the new owner of the car, whether it is you or someone else.

The procedure of transferring a vehicle’s title differs by state. When you acquire a car in Arizona, you are provided title transfer paperwork that must be transferred every time the vehicle is sold, or the owner’s name is changed.

  • Vin Number- Vehicle Identification number
  • The manufacturer model and year of the vehicle
  • Lien information or lien release if vehicle was financed
  • List of the owners, names, birthdates and residences

Notarize your title

Notary certification is not required in many states, however in Arizona. A notary public’s signature, stamp, and seal are required for a title transfer in Arizona to be legally binding. Even if a document fits all other standards, it will be deemed invalid if a notary certification is not obtained.

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