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Notary Services for Last Will and Testament

What is a Last Will and Testament?

A last will and testament is a legal document that expresses an individual’s final wishes regarding his or her property and dependents. A person’s last will and testament specifies what will happen to their possessions, whether they will be left to another person, a group, or to charity, as well as what will happen to other obligations, such as custody of dependents and management of accounts and a persons financial interests.

A person creates a will while still alive, and the provisions are carried out only after the entity passes away. A will appoints a still-living individual as executor of the estate, and that individual is responsible for the estate’s administration. Typically, the probate court supervises the executor and guarantee that the will’s provisions are carried through.

A will and last testament are the cornerstones of an estate will, serving as the primary instrument for ensuring that the deceased’s estate is resolved in the manner wished by the deceased. Although an estate will have more than a Will, it is the presiding document that the probate court uses to direct the estate settlement process.

Any benefits that have not been named as a beneficiary, such as a life insurance fund or a valid retirement account, are not included in probate and transfer automatically to the beneficiaries.A will and testament expressly instruct the court regarding the distribution of all property, including who is to receive them and how much. It appoints guardians for surviving dependents and covers certain exceptional circumstances, such as the care of a special-needs child or an elderly person.

Complications will arise when a client visits a notary with a self-prepared will and depends on the notary to determine the appropriate notarial certificate. In such cases, a wise notary may refuse to perform the notarial act and advise the individual to seek legal counsel. Furthermore, you might argue that hiring a respectable attorney would help you escape problems with contested wills or wills that are thrown out of probate court due to incorrect execution procedures.

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