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Tempe is an urban enclave located between Phoenix’s central business district and the rest of the East Valley. Tempe’s northern part, which is home to Arizona State University’s main campus, has a fairly dense, urbanized development pattern with a growing skyline.

Convenience of a Mobile Notary Public

Notarizing a document may be a challenging and time consuming process if you have pre existing commitments especially in a fast paced community like Tempe. We pride ourselves on being Tempe, Arizona’s most dependable Notary Public. Due to the fact that we are a Mobile Notary in Tempe, we can come to you at your convenience.

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A Mobile Notary Mission to Make Life Easier

A notary public’s primary responsibility is to prevent fraud. The primary ways of accomplishing this is to correctly identify all signers involved in a notary transaction. In addition we require all signers to be physically present in person, which is a specific requirement for Arizona Notaries.

Notary Public Tempe, Az

At Arizona 1st Notary, we recognize that there are many mobile notaries to choose from, and our position as a unique as the one in the area gives us an advantage over the competition. We want to serve all of our clients with consistently superior Notary services. When you employ the services of the Arizona 1st Notary we can promise:

Providing on-time Notary Signing ensures that the Initial Meeting starts and finishes on time.

There are no hidden fees or add-ons, and the price is made clear from the beginning.

When it comes to simplifying your life, we truley believe our Notary businesses mission can really be accomplished.

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Available as soon as we're needed

All short notice, last minute, and on the go notarizations are welcome! If there is something you’d like to us help out, you should be certain that you can have it done. Arizona 1st Mobile Notary services is expanding its presence in the Tempe, Az. We are available all weekdays, weekdays and weekends and weekends 24 hours a day.

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Notary Available in Tempe, Arizona

The location of our office is ideal for notarizing residents in the Tempe Arizona, and serving other areas outside of the city as well, because we have a proven and highly trained Notary Public.

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Notary Public Services in Tempe

Real Estate Documents

Mortgage closing documents

Property deeds

Loan documents

Unclaimed Property Inquiry

Mobile Notary Services in Tempe

Business Forms

Articles of incorporation

Memorandum of understanding documents

Vendor contracts

Applications for Admission to Practice as an Attorney

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Medical Directives


Advance Directive


Mortgage closing documents

Contact us to to Notarize your family Documents

Family Documents

Supplemental Marriage License Applications

Temporary Guardianship Agreement

Passport for Minor

Notary for a Title

Motor Vehicle Documents

Notice of Lien

Lien Release

Title Transfer

Authorization to Add/Remove Name from Title

Vehicle Certificate of Ownership/Title Application

We Notarize Affidavits and Jurats.

Additional Documents



Identity Theft Victim's Complaint and Affidavit

Power of Attorney (POA)

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Don’t plan on waiting at the post office, or having to send your Documents through Fedex or a Bank. Use Arizona 1st Notary for reliable and well-trained Notary services call us when you need to Authenticate documents.

As a reputable general mobile notary public service and a mobile loan signing agent in Tempe, AZ, and the surrounding areas, we strive to develop positive long-term relationships with each client.

Do you require notarization for something? Call 480-826-5075 today to schedule an appointment with Arizona 1st Notary We eagerly await the opportunity to serve you!

It is of critical importance to our clients and notaries that their well-being is our primary concern. We are following closely our locality and national leaders’ advice when it comes to maintaining good health, and we are keeping a close eye on Coronavirus for further news updates. We request that you observe our procedures when you are in the appointment to ensure that we will continue to adequately serve our community