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Mobile Notary – What is it?

A Mobile Notary is a Notary that goes to different locations to execute notarial responsibilities on-demand and notarizes any type of document that requires a Notary Seal. A Mobile Notary’s role is to authenticate the signer’s identity, witness the signing, and check the papers’ authenticity, all while ensuring that no one signs under duress or threat.

Why use a Traveling Notary?

If you’ve ever had a document that required a Notary seal, you know how time-consuming and tedious the notarization process can be. Not only is it becoming increasingly difficult to locate notaries, but it may also be becoming increasingly difficult to find the time to visit a Notary.

The Benefits of a Mobile Notary

Notarized documents are often the deciding factor between obtaining a mortgage for your dream house, selling a vehicle, finalizing a last will, acquiring a Power of Attorney, or securing a travel authorization form for your child.


Clients frequently struggle to find time to be present during the notarization procedure. A mobile notary is available according to the clients schedule, allowing him/her to focus on their own daily duties.

Increased Flexibility

Arizona 1st Notary provides mobile notaries who possess the necessary certifications to provide services outside of normal business hours. A traveling notary is prepared to travel to any area at the scheduled time. All parties no longer need to be present during the signing procedure. A mobile notary can easily visit all signers needed and conclude the transaction.

Client Satisfaction

Satisfaction is increased because the full notarization process is done in a short amount of time preventing unnecessary delays. Arizona 1st Notary simplifies the notarization process and enables Notary transactions to be completed quickly and efficiently.

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