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What Is The Role Of A Notary Signing Agent?

Notary Signing Agents  begin their careers as a Notary Public and then undergo additional credential criteria and a background check in order to become a certified notary signing agent. Additionally, they satisfy instructional standards pertaining to the correct handling of loan papers. Specific criteria differ by jurisdiction, although the majority require candidates to pass a background check to have a clear criminal record.

A notary public serves the role by allowing a properly accredited individual to examine documents in order to validate the identification of the document signer by a thorough examination of the paperwork presented by the signer. Additionally, they ensure the signers are behaving freely and are aware of the essence of the agreements they are signing. Where necessary, an NSA can administer oaths to ensure that any claims made are not liable to perjury penalties

Prevention of Fraud and Documents are complete

The NSA’s hallmark guarantees that there was no bribery or duress involved in the deal. Legal certificates changing title from seller to buyer would not be approved by local officials responsible for registering title transfers until they are signed and stamped by a notary signing agent. A missed signature may be replaced later, but a missing notary signing agent’s seal necessitates rescheduling the closure.

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